THIS FITS YOUR 1993 Subaru Legacy Reset Vehicle

South Coast Air Quality Management District Compliant Brake Cleaner. SCAQMD Brake Cleaner.

Part Number: SOA868V9115

14 oz. Can.
Item is HaZmat

Formulated to comply with stringent Southern California VOC mandates, this powerful cleaner easily removes organic materials and contaminants from braking system components. Featuring non-chlorinated solvents, this low-VOC formulation is NOT recommended for use on, or around, plastic or painted parts, polystyrene, polycarbonate, decals or stickers.
• Cleans rotors, drums, cylinders, springs and liners
• Eliminates brake squeal and chatter
• Dries quickly with no residue
• Cleans a set of four brakes per can
• Prepares surfaces to accept RTV sealants
• Compliant with SCAQMD requirements