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Fuel Injector Cleaner Aerosol. FI Cleaner (Aerosol).

Part Number: SOA868V9140

7 oz. Can.
Item is HaZmat

This unique blend of solvents, polymeric dispersants and the patented FX-216® cleans fuel injector rails without disassembly. Improves engine power and fuel efficiency by eliminating varnish, gum and carbon deposits. Application requires the use of the EFI Aerosol Enhanced Device (SOA868V9410) and the appropriate threaded adapter from the EFI Kit (SOA868V9420). Gasoline engines only.
• Removes varnish, gum, sludge and carbon deposits
• Improves engine power, performance and fuel-efficiency
• Decreases harmful hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions
• No disassembly required
• Oxygen-sensor safe

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This product contains hazardous materials.