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EXTERIOR AUTO DIMMING MIR image for your 2008 Subaru Legacy
Part Number: J201SAN300

Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirror with Approach Light

Part Number: J201SAN000
Supersession(s): J201SAN300

Enhance night-time driving safety by adding the Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirrors with Approach Light.* Upon approaching the vehicle or unlocking your doors with the keyless entry system, LED lights located behind the Subaru logo in each exterior mirror will illuminate the ground next to and towards the rear of the vehicle. During night-time driving, the Exterior Auto-Dimming Mirrors will reduce headlight glare by dimming in unison with the Auto-Dimming (Interior) Mirror, creating a safer driving experience. Dimming level is regulated by the level of light detected from the Auto-Dimming (Interior mirror). *Requires Auto-Dimming (Interior) Mirror.

Fits Legacy, Outback

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